How CX builds customer loyalty and lifetime value in e-commerce

…As businesses move to new models of commerce, customer experience (CX) needs to keep pace. After all, new modes of commerce mean new potential to fall short of expectations. If your subscription business isn’t sending goods out on time, your customers will be unhappy. Equally, these new models present new opportunities to cultivate loyalty and […]

Transfer your digital experiences into physical spaces and reap 3 key benefits

…Seventy-seven percent of customer experience (CX) professionals say that their customers’ expectations have shifted towards digital-first experiences (DX).[1] This is great news for digital challenger brands and fintech disruptors—we’ve written before about how, for example, more customers are making a digital bank their primary bank. But if you’re a challenger brand doing most of your […]

What embedded transactions can teach you about CX

…Only 1 in 10 Americans has heard of embedded transactions, yet more than 40% of consumers use some of the most popular providers—Apple Pay and Google Pay to name just two.[1] That these experiences are so ubiquitous yet invisible to consumers speaks to how well they work. These are transactions that occur automatically using details […]

Customer data and CX: 3 tips for challenging the status quo

…Eighty-six percent of online shoppers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience (CX).[1] Once, this might have only meant with their money. Now it can mean exchanging something equally precious—their data. And customers are more aware of their data’s value than ever. They’ve seen how much they stand to gain when brands […]

3 shifts in consumer values retailers can no longer ignore

…An excerpt from this Whitepaper: Brands that got technology right during the pandemic won over consumers because they could deliver a positive digital interactions to their customers. Brands such as Target (+20% stores and digital channels), Home Depot (+25%) and Walmart (+79% e-commerce sales) experienced significant year-over-year gains throughout the pandemic. But as these temporary […]

3 ways technology is helping retailers boost loyalty

…The retail industry was deep into an omnichannel revolution when COVID-19 entered the picture to drive 10 years of growth in six weeks.1 Customers quickly responded to the changing environment by changing shopping behaviors — leaving retailers to decode the new landscape of loyalty. The biggest change so far? The dominant role technology plays in not […]

CX Chronicles: Finish The Last Mile Customer Journey Strong

…By Loraine DeBonis, Ubiquity In the race to accelerate digital transformation and embrace omnichannel commerce, brands need to make sure the customer journey works well from start to finish. I’ve spent the last few weeks talking to my colleagues about some of our recent shopping experiences that didn’t quite hit the mark—and some that were […]

Make Your Customer Experiences Exceptional in Every Channel

…A positive experience with a brand is more influential than great advertising. That means every interaction between your customers and customer service agents or self-service tools has significant influence on how shoppers view your retail brand, whether they’re loyal, and whether they’ll recommend you to family and friends. In this whitepaper, you’ll discover: tactical tips […]

Reimagining Retail through Digital

…Even as quarantine restrictions ease and more retailers reopen their doors, customer behavior isn’t expected to go back to normal. In fact, the term “normal” has been almost entirely replaced by “the new normal” in any conversations about strategic planning. For retailers, who outside of grocery and Amazon, have been among the hardest hit by […]