I founded Ubiquity to fundamentally change the way customer care is delivered. Our approach is one of partnership and customization. We can help challenger brands scale quickly and easily with our flexible service approach.

Matt Nyren President and CEO of Ubiquity

From humble call center to global BPO partner

We know business process outsourcing inside and out because we’ve grown up in it.

Half of our leadership team worked as call center agents. Our CEO started in a call center as a college student in Nebraska, working his way up to center director before graduating.

Our vision for world-class Relationship-based Outsourcing (RBO) stems from this hard-earned firsthand knowledge. And it’s the bedrock of our welcoming, affirming and authentic culture of collaboration and open communication. 

We bond through our shared passion for excellence and funwe celebrate, serve our communities and engage in friendly competition together. We recognize and reward long-term employees for their dedication. After hitting their three-year milestone, team members become eligible to participate in a profit-sharing program.

At Ubiquity, our employees are family.

Our people and leadership

We believe relationships make the world work better.

Focusing on tomorrow’s challenges will help challenger brands win. And that future is about better customer relationships.

We believe relationships are the way forward for brands looking to deliver world-class CX. That’s why we treat CX like a strategic KPI—digging deep to unearth how it supports your overarching goals and devising plans to accelerate toward them.

We prioritize building and nurturing internal relationships, too. Our team leaders are great coaches and mentors. Our leaders are engaged with their teams, whether it’s walking the floor, meeting one-on-one, or hosting a video call to coach and developing their agents based on real-time data sent straight to their tablets. As a result, we deliver better staff retention, higher employee satisfaction, and ultimately a better customer experience compared with our competitors.

We help clients build deeper relationships with customers

We’ve pioneered a CX-first methodology to deliver exceptional customer experiences for challenger brands everywhere.

Here’s what Ubiquity brings in a nutshell:

  • Relationship-based Outsourcing—our agile methodology to provide world-class customer experiences in any channel. 
  • Higher customer satisfaction and retention with expertly trained customer contact teams, ready to go off-script and go the extra mile for every customer
  • Greater customer lifetime value as even potentially negative customer interactions are transformed into positive loyalty-driving moments with resolution acceleration
  • Long-term business growth, adapting your KPIs to your strategic business goals
  • Long-term thinking, consistently adapting and improving your customer experience strategy as your business grows and evolves

We’re not your typical BPO. We take a more consultative approach, immersing ourselves in our client organizations to ensure we understand the most important business drivers for success—beyond traditional KPIs.

Matt Nyren


of our staff have more than two years of related experience.


of our staff are promoted from within.

Our leadership team

A passionate and uniquely experienced group of business and technology leaders started Ubiquity to transform the outsourcing industry. We wanted to create better customer experiences that propel fintech disruptor and challenger brands past incumbents by delivering on their brand promise at scale. From developing custom-built communication software to building and nurturing an open and enthusiastic culture, we are constantly striving to do things better.

Our locations

Headquartered in New York, Ubiquity has offices in the U.S., South America, Central America, Asia, and Europe.

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