Podcast: Ubiquity CEO Talks 10 Years of CX, Fintech, and What’s Next

…On the eve of celebrating 10 years in business, Ubiquity’s CEO Matt Nyren talked with Bank on It host John Siracusa about his vision for serving fintech disruptors, how demand is fueling the company’s exponential growth, and what’s next for the customer experience management firm. We hope you enjoyed learning more about Ubiquity’s past, present, […]

The CX Bible

…Expert advice on what it truly takes to deliver world-class CX Challenger brands that keep customers for life don’t just solve problems—they take high-stakes moments of customer tension and transform them into high-value, loyalty-driving outcomes. We’ve spent decades doing just that—and now we’re passing on our learnings as unflinching parables for brands across fintech, healthcare, […]

Podcast: Is Customer Service a Differentiator for Fintechs?

…Is customer service a differentiator for fintechs? The short answer … YES!  Fintechs who recognize that world-class customer service is inextricably linked to delivering great customer experience (CX) will win. No matter how amazing your mobile app or digital UX is, you have to be ready to help your customers when there’s a problem. And, […]

Transfer your digital experiences into physical spaces and reap 3 key benefits

…Seventy-seven percent of customer experience (CX) professionals say that their customers’ expectations have shifted towards digital-first experiences (DX).[1] This is great news for digital challenger brands and fintech disruptors—we’ve written before about how, for example, more customers are making a digital bank their primary bank. But if you’re a challenger brand doing most of your […]

What embedded transactions can teach you about CX

…Only 1 in 10 Americans has heard of embedded transactions, yet more than 40% of consumers use some of the most popular providers—Apple Pay and Google Pay to name just two.[1] That these experiences are so ubiquitous yet invisible to consumers speaks to how well they work. These are transactions that occur automatically using details […]

Customer data and CX: 3 tips for challenging the status quo

…Eighty-six percent of online shoppers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience (CX).[1] Once, this might have only meant with their money. Now it can mean exchanging something equally precious—their data. And customers are more aware of their data’s value than ever. They’ve seen how much they stand to gain when brands […]

How AI and live agents work together for exceptional CX

…ConverseNow is an artificial intelligence (AI) startup automating and personalizing restaurant orders in high-volume voice channels, such as phone. Their digital agent “George” speeds up the ordering process and removes the need for in-store employee to take orders; however, “he” sometimes struggles if there’s too much background noise, customers doesn’t speak clearly or they try […]

2 big CSAT measurement mistakes (and how to avoid them)

…The payoff comes from combining measurement with a mindset shift that champions customer experience. As we explored in our blog on overlooked customer service metrics, there’s a risk that by under-measuring customer satisfaction (CSAT), businesses leave themselves with no way to assure quality. Likewise, over-focus on measurement can hinder service levels in the long term […]

4 easy CX solutions to key blockchain & crypto challenges

…CX-first outsourcing propels your business ahead of competitors with the wrong priorities. The blockchain and crypto space has key differences to other more established business areas, both technically and culturally. Technically, the challenges are scalability, interoperability, standardization, and regulatory. Culturally, the focus revolves around divulging power from central financial authorities, the nature of its immutable […]

Ubiquity opens Tulsa office with 17,700 sq. ft.

…Expanding U.S. Footprint to Meet Customer Demand in Healthcare and Tech-Driven Industries Ubiquity, a multinational business process outsourcer and one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, today announced the opening of its newest servicing center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ubiquity is anticipating global service needs by expanding both onshore and offshore, with another […]