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CX pitfalls and 5 strategies to avoid them

CX pitfalls and 5 strategies to avoid them

When your operations can't keep up with your growth, it's time to outsource CX. This guide offers practical advice for outsourcing CX successfully.

Education Resources

Customer Satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Get everything you need to know on: CSAT metrics, CX mindsets, the ESAT-CSAT relationship, and how to gather feedback.
Business transform

Business transformation best practices

Want to de-risk your transformation? Here are the need-to-knows on: managing, preparing for, and measuring business process transformation—including practical steps and guidance.
Customer Satisfaction

Business process outsourcing essentials

In recent years BPO provider services have expanded rapidly to cover many integrated support processes such as business transformation, CX program design, and strategic scaling.

Customer experience technologies

Learn more about what customer experience technologies are, why they are important, how they differ from customer management technologies, and the pitfalls to avoid when using them.