Pillar 3:

Always-on partnership

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Why it matters

As you grow, so does the complexity needed to knit internal and external interactions together. That’s why even the best business plans can’t be rolled out without talented leaders to oversee and guide progress.

You need a dedicated success advocate working within a BPO to ensure the teams deliver on your business needs, help you adapt to market and customer changes, and stay ahead of the competition.

The goal

To make this happen, we’ll achieve three things:

Build coherent customer journeys that link the right departments to customers’ needs.

Continually support agents and management with professional and leadership development.

Mitigate typical growing pains and preempt industry-specific obstacles.

Our approach

Dedicated Success Advocate

Your Success Advocate knows your business and programs intimately. They’re your first port of call when it comes to changing priorities, new regulations, and the market, bringing subject matter expertise and experience for micro- improvements and bigger-picture strategy.

We help you apply customized solutions to simplify your operations, and proactively troubleshoot issues, flag any hidden challenges, and are always on hand with advice.

We identify and spearhead ongoing data analytics projects to identify ways to maximize resolution, ensuring proper internal and external reporting is in place to gauge resolution.

As your business grows, your Success Advocate and the wider team will help you tackle new challenges and evolve your CX strategy.

dedicated account manager

Agent training: Empowering problem-solvers

After placing your agents, we run an industry- and program-specific training curriculum. Agents plan for the most common and challenging scenarios and, when needed, are trained to handle specific types of issues and route customers to the best agents for that issue type.

We focus on ongoing development and agent sharpness, running monthly program mastery assessments for every agent and team lead. We also build out a dedicated knowledgebase team to make sure agents have the most up-to-date information at all times.

Curious if other BPOs will bring engaged and specialized agents? Ask them these questions:

  • How would you train agents to represent our business?
  • How long does training take?
  • Is there continuous learning and development?
  • How do agents adapt to changing customer needs?
agent training empowering problem solvers

Program launch

The first 120 days of any program are the most critical. We continuously drive the most efficient processes and best customer experience via our expert Implementation, Learning Services, and Operations teams. Here’s an example of how one client’s agents provided the know-how to help them scale in multiple geographies with confidence:

Program Launch meeting

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