Relationships that Last

At Ubiquity, we know that people are your greatest business asset. We believe that cultural fit is as important as qualifications when building your teams. Hiring and retaining the best talent is what we do for our own business, and we’ll use that same high-touch sourcing and screening process to expand your talent-management capacity and increase quality of hire.

As a next-generation outsourcer, we’re adept at onboarding for new clients and to address seasonal volume fluctuations for existing clients. We bring our insight, speed and tested methodology to bear across diverse industries no matter how complex or specialized—whether you’re looking for one employee or 1,000.

We pay close attention to what you need today but also help you plan for tomorrow with a scalable approach to talent acquisition that delivers measurable ROI.



The cost of a bad hire consumes up to 30% of an employee’s first-year earnings, according to the U.S. Department of Labor


Our dedicated experts have developed a proven process to help you scale across geographies with ease

Speed & Strategy

Reduce the time and resources devoted to successful talent acquisition while building a more effective recruitment strategy


We’re not just about filling seats; we’re focused on hiring right the first time and creating strong teams to grow your business.

Putting People First

Whether you’re filling an entry-level position or need experienced candidates with specific credentials, such as registered nurses, fraud experts or web developers, we’ll find quality candidates who will thrive in your organization. Our tailored approach takes into account much more than a checklist of qualifications. As an extension of your team, we customize our tactics to bring your company culture and unique profile requirements into the selection process.

Choose a la carte options or our end-to-end solution. We’ll serve as a strategic partner to help you refine your talent-acquisition strategy and long-term employee engagement.

We can provide:

  • Strategic talent acquisition consultation
  • Talent sourcing and engagement
  • Candidate screening and assessment
  • Offer management
  • Program performance tracking and reporting
  • Digital recruiting and social media strategy

Let’s talk about a customized recruitment strategy and execution plan for your business today.