Ready when and where you are

Our work-from-home (WFH) services provide secure, reliable, and remote support—anywhere and everywhere you need to be.

Modern work needs modern solutions

Distributed teams thrive and deliver great customer experiences with the right security, tools, and engagement tactics. Our digital recruitment specialists and advanced remote-working platform can rapidly scale and supply you with qualified, quickly available talent. No matter how complex your business or where it is (or is going), you can count on flexibility and continuity for finding the best talent.

Key features of our WFH solution

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Security and Compliance

Every Ubiquity agent works in a PCI-, HIPAA- and SOC2-certified environment. No data is ever stored locally on an agent’s system.

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High quality

Tap into a global talent pool with no physical limitations on team size, geography or language

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Get dramatically reduced onboarding time without lengthy equipment purchasing cycles (BYOD-model) or local recruiting and office space limitations

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Agents in multiple locations are ready to onboard or shift operations based on business continuity or seasonal volume.

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Ubiquity is platform-agnostic–we can integrate any preferred client software and existing unified communications/softphone solution into your environment

We cater to the highest security standards

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Network system security

  • Network security such as firewalls, host-intrusion prevention, and web blocking are enabled by default
  • Virus scanner and additional systems security are automatically deployed

Cloud security

  • All cloud-hosted data and system volumes are encrypted
  • Connection to the Workspaces environment is encrypted in transit
  • PCI- and HIPAA-compliant

Access security

  • Active Directory authentication enforces strong passwords, regular password resets, etc.
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA) is available through SMS, phone calls, and soft or hard tokens
Ongoing compliance checks

Ongoing compliance checks

  • We conduct InfoSec workspace assessments and routine compliance audits and culture training
  • Information Security can immediately revoke access to the entire virtual environment, ensuring access to every system is removed at once for offboarding

Screen monitoring

Choose to record and log agent desktop and application activity, which you can easily access via a web interface that can be filtered by time and agent

Webcam monitoring

Select to enable the camera for system connection, which can be shut down remotely and disabled automatically if camera feed is interrupted


Configure a watermark to track potential screenshots or photos of the computer screen

100% Virtual

From sourcing and onboarding to training and ongoing coaching, our end-to-end process is entirely virtual

The best of Ubiquity in any geography

Accessing an expansive global talent pool for any language, vertical, specialty, time zone, or geographical requirements is only the beginning. Our dedication to hiring right the first time and developing employees for a career set our 100% virtual solution apart. Once we find the right fit, we nurture our new hires. Happy, engaged agents stay longer and translate to happier customers for you.

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We conduct screening, interviewing, and testing completely online and via video

  • Interactive classroom: Fully functioning classroom training with other agents—not self-guided modules—provides the best introduction to Ubiquity culture and yours. Tenured trainers qualitatively and quantitatively assess and assist new hires.
  • Nesting: Leveraging inTouch®, our proprietary performance-management platform, allows trainers and experienced team leaders to observe agents live and provide real-time guidance and assistance. Integrate Aigent, our artificial intelligence tool, with your existing software to provide agents real-time coaching and proposed next-best actions to exceed KPIs and mitigate escalations or negative brand impacts.
  • Ongoing coaching and management: 1:1 and team meetings via Google Hangouts allow for agent development and socialization, fostering a sense of community and affinity to the brand they support. Video also supports client-agent meetings or continued brand and product immersions. Agents are always connected to their supervisors by live chat.

Contact us for a demo of our customizable work-from-home solution.

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Hussein Ahmed
Founder and CEO, Oxygen

“Everything we do is for our customers. Ubiquity’s expertise helped ensure that we launched with full confidence, not only in our mission-driven products and services but in the overall support infrastructure we built. Together, we’re delivering the next generation of banking.”