The loyalty-building value of hyper-responsiveness in finserv

BMTX, one of the largest digital banking platforms and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) providers in the U.S., makes it exceedingly easy for customers to reach out for support and offer feedback through their favorite digital channels. The challenge was supporting the high volume of front-end online and social media engagement with customer experience research and responsiveness on the back end.

BMTX had specific goals of improving first call resolutions, reducing email response times from one hour to 15 minutes, and keeping secure messaging response times under one minute, all while managing seasonal staffing demands that can double to 250 agents during peak months. BMTX also wanted to reach out to all customers who rated their service—not just the ones with negative feedback.

I must say that providing this level of service is not easily done. It truly takes a team effort to get these high scores—and that especially includes Ubiquity as they are the ones actually talking with the vast majority of customers. So, to all our back-office support areas and team leaders: A HUGE thank you for making this level of service a reality!

Warren Taylor
Cofounder and Chief Customer Officer, BMTX

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