Insights from personalization drive healthcare CX success

Overcoming patient CX personalization obstacles

Improved personalization of healthcare customer experience (CX) can have a dramatic impact on patient satisfaction and loyalty. Unfortunately, the realities of staffing shortages and tight budgets prevent many healthcare organizations from making CX personalization a top priority. The good news is that help from the right business process outsourcing (BPO) partner can enable organizations to successfully leverage new technologies that make CX personalization an affordable reality, while also reducing administration costs.

Healthcare personalization opportunities


of consumers wished their healthcare experience was more personalized


rise in quality standards after just 6-12 months of implementing personalization


reduction in administrative costs within 6-12 months

75%—Source: Redpoint Global survey; 25%—Source: Boston Consulting Group; 10%—Source: Boston Consulting Group.

Rich data. Rich experiences.

Healthcare organizations tend to gather data from multiple sources, such as electronic health records (EHRs), customer service interactions, website interactions, remote patient monitoring devices, and wearable devices like smartwatches. Even data on where patients live can yield insights into social factors that impact their health and potential support needs. For example, patients that live in a food desert (where supermarkets are scarce) might struggle to comply with dietary advice without additional assistance. 

This rich data that most healthcare organizations already have can be used to tailor communications and cater to each individual’s unique needs. It starts with unifying all available data on a patient data platform where it can generate insights that empower and reassure patients—all while improving patient interactions, delivery of care, and marketing communications efforts.

Making a difference with CX personalization

As a proven BPO partner, Ubiquity offers healthcare organizations tailored CX outsourcing services and strategies that help them deliver the resources, expertise, insights, and outcomes they need. Personalization services from Ubiquity enable you to improve care delivery throughout the patient journey, as well as empower patients to take a more active role in managing their health. This includes:

  • Initial outreach to potential patients
  • Vaccine and screening exam reminders
  • Appointment intake, scheduling, and reminders 
  • Personalized tips for managing chronic diseases 
  • Exam, prescription, and exercise reminders
  • Explainer videos on diseases and how to implement lifestyle changes
  • Suggestions for in-network care providers accepting new patients 
  • Personalized post-procedure instructions and follow-up information
  • Billing information and payment options 
  • Ongoing advice based on remote patient-data monitoring

All these services can be tailored to a patient’s knowledge level and lifestyle, and delivered through their communication channel of choice. 

Ensuring patient data security and privacy compliance

As powerful as patient personalization is, healthcare organizations must balance the desire to exploit available data with compliance to HIPAA privacy boundaries and data handling and transferring regulations. Third-party service providers of healthcare organizations must also adhere to strict data security standards and maintain robust security and privacy at all times. Ideally, organizations would want to find a provider that maintains even higher standards, compliance levels, and privacy controls than required. 

Empowering better human interactions

Of course, technology can’t replace the need for empathetic human touches during delivery care, outreach for post-procedure compliance, billing help, and other assistance. Optimal patient health and healing require authentic human connections. Over-reliance on algorithms, automated processes, and digital communications can lead to negative outcomes.

Fortunately, Ubiquity is more than a tech-savvy healthcare CX BPO. Our empathetic call-center agents, analysts, and support personnel help healthcare organizations properly use personalized patient information in a way that also enhances critical human-touch experiences.

Personalization presents a critical opportunity in healthcare CX because customers in stressful situations need to feel heard and understood. And when they do, they remember that experience. 

In addition, insights generated through personalization efforts can provide timely details that facilitate efficient and empathetic support. The overall result? Better patient care. And better patient experiences.


See how Ubiquity can enhance your ability to deliver personalized patient experiences.

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