Pillar 1:

A strategy that’s yours

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Why it matters

Growth without clear direction isn’t scaling, it’s chaos. Compounding complexity without specific success metrics and milestones (or the wrong ones) leads to friction between departments, and your CX quality suffers.

No two departments—let alone companies—are the same: yours is a unique blend of operations, products, audiences, culture, and goals. To build meaningful, lasting relationships with your customers, your CX strategy has to fit your brand.

The goal

Before an agent lifts a finger, we get to know your business inside and out. We make the unknown known. That way we can make the next steps certain in service of a bigger goal, foster buy-in across departments, and move forward with conviction.

We make this happen in two ways.

Our approach

Solution Design

With coffee brewed and pleasantries exchanged, we hold a kickoff meeting between you and our cross-functional team of SMEs, including your Solution Design lead and dedicated Account Manager.

Together, we take a deep dive into your mission, your culture, your processes, your tech, your marketing, your customers, and your overarching strategy, so we can design a comprehensive CX solution.

Delivering the kind of service your customers deserve demands a deeper understanding of your business and your goals. Questions we explore include:

  • What short-, medium- and long-term challenges are we solving?
  • How can we optimize CX to fuel your business and financial goals?
  • What’s your current training curriculum and are there any gaps?
  • What are the key drivers for customer contacts, and where are there opportunities to self-serve?
  • What KPIs will best serve your wider strategic goals?

We bring our own ideas about what you can and should prioritize. (For example, is your QA scorecard aligned with or detracting from your goals? We can help.) The better we answer these, the more powerful your program will be.

Want to get a feel for other BPOs’ approach? Ask these questions:

  • What are most customers dissatisfied with in this vertical?
  • How deeply do you analyze satisfaction scores?
  • How do you identify pain points?
  • Why do they happen and how do you solve them?
  • What do we need to start doing first to turn CX into a growth opportunity?
  • How will our CX needs evolve as we grow as a business?
Meeting solution design


Effective implementation doesn’t depend on one person or department. It’s a collective and cross-functional effort that takes a carefully coordinated approach to your CX from the first conversations through to full production.

We can help you avoid the common pitfalls, keep you on track, spot areas of opportunity, and launch on time, on budget, and at the highest level of performance.

For that to happen, we’ll work together closely to make implementation as effective as possible. Here’s what you can expect.

Our implementation specialist coordinates with your IT and Ops teams to establish the data and metrics that will confirm we’re moving the right parts of the business in the right direction, and ensure we’re aligned on Quality Assurance (QA).

We then audit your program and training materials, and run a gap assessment to find any areas that need supplementing. We analyze and root out single points of failure, and fix or remove processes blocking information flow between key departments.

Our specialized recruiters develop an exacting agent profile to make sure you’ve got the right people with the right experience and soft skills to represent your brand well. We run comprehensive classroom training and nesting to assess whether agents are at the required level to serve your customers.

We work with your staff to ensure the people on the frontline contribute to the solution they’ll be using. Here’s an example of how we implemented a bespoke approach that tee’d up a client for long-term success.

Implementation meeting

And if you want to see how a bespoke strategy and implementation could help you set a course for scalable customer service, head here.