Pillar 2:

Baked-in compliance

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Why it matters

Compliance is about two things: one is the confidence that your business, agents, and customers stay within the legal guard rails. But it’s also a synonym for trust—a guarantee to customers that they’re safe in your hands—and that you take their security as seriously as they do.

Regulatory rigor is more than a box-ticking exercise; it’s a part of service delivery that never ends. For verticals like healthcare and financial services, third-party risk management demands your partners deliver the same level of security and compliance as you.

The goal

You need a CX solution that’s robustly designed, agile, secure, and continuously optimized—so you can adapt to industry changes quickly and with minimal disruption, all while staying accountable to business-wide implementation and communication.

For that to happen, you need to empower your people with the right training, technology tools, and support systems. Here’s how we keep you and your customers secure against regulatory changes and malicious activity.

Our approach

Like Solution Design, we believe a holistic approach is the best way to guarantee robust but flexible compliance. We’re obsessed with minimizing your exposure to risk, and ensuring that everything we do on your behalf is by the book—which is why we depend on best-in-class technology, adhere to the strictest industry security and data privacy standards, and put checks in place to ensure compliance daily, not just during our annual certification.

We kick off and manage any process changes if and when you need to respond to new regulatory requirements. But more important than any process, however, is the people on the frontlines.


Having leaders and operational SMEs in healthcare and banking operations means we don’t just understand your client base, but the regulatory environment you live in—and how to execute within that specific environment.

Our cross-functional teams analyze data from your customer interactions, listen to calls, and regularly talk to one another and to you, bringing proactive guidance. We empower our people with coaching and technology tools (whether it’s inTouch or artificial intelligence) to take on the mindset of an industry native.

That stems from continuous coaching and call listening that informs personal development plans—so team leaders understand their agents’ strengths and areas for improvement.

We also provide a team of trainers to make sure agents are constantly prepared to meet security benchmarks. For programs like disputes and chargebacks, our Ops Team holds audits and Q&A, and runs an agent helpline to drive compliance over 99%.

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Best practice

Where necessary (say, a fintech operating under stringent InfoSec regulations), agents have restricted access to nonessential websites and tools. You have final sign off on what tools are allowable beforehand.

We strictly follow InfoSec guidelines (badge access for each employee, pen and paperless environment, no electronic devices for agents, screenshots disabled on computers, etc.). Physical security is also important to our facilities and staff—with CCTV and guards at all locations to provide an extra protective layer on top of our systematic and holistic approach to digital security.

With a continuous process of analysis and optimization our security and compliance infrastructure protects your CX operation as you grow.

Here’s how we helped one scaleup revamp their dispute and chargeback operation amid massive growth, right-sizing their team, minimizing fraud losses, and achieving 99%+ compliance:

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And if you want to ensure your CX and error resolution are in lockstep with your security requirements, head here.