Pillar 4:

Data-led performance optimization

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Why it matters

CX has more touchpoints than ever before. Programs are complex, with lots of moving parts, making it tough to get a real-time picture of what’s working and what’s not.

High-level metrics alone aren’t enough to determine customer satisfaction. If you don’t measure and analyze the right data, you can’t pull out actionable insights that drive better CX. Running a large-scale CX operation blindly makes it impossible to prove results and make informed decisions on how to best optimize your CX operations.

The goal

This is about effectively capturing, analyzing, and optimizing areas that matter most. The more we can analyze, the more confidently we can improve processes at scale.

We build a transparent reporting framework aligned with your larger strategic goals. Common metrics like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Average Handling Time (AHT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES) are valuable, but don’t always give us the full story.

We clarify and capture the KPIs and metrics that matter to you. Here’s how:

Our approach


We put a measuring framework in place to capture how well customers are being served. We then put your goals into a reporting structure so we can analyze and benchmark performance against each one.

Nathan Usher, Executive Vice President, American Logistics

“We didn’t expect Ubiquity to make us better in our own call centers, but they came in with their experience, data, and reporting, and that’s exactly what has happened. We’ve upped our game and improved our own operations as a result.”

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Your dedicated team tracks how customers view their experiences through the lens of care—“softer” metrics that traditional KPIs struggle to capture.

We hold weekly and monthly check-ins with your Account Manager to report back on progress and discuss any changes in approach.

It’s a deeply collaborative process. Our teams and clients listen to calls together during Quality Connection sessions and assign action items based on the discussion—whether it’s developing a new QA scorecard based on the real-world experience of agents and customers, tackling a system issue, or coaching for a new call type that has surfaced.

We provide custom reports across every single program. You also get quarterly business reports that quantify the extent to which you’re hitting the business KPIs that matter most. Our analysis also reveals insights and opportunities around systems, processes, and people.

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As we learn, we adjust, and then readjust.

And along with analyzing metrics like AHT, we also examine and refine QA—giving different weight to factors like empathy and accuracy, which lead to a more holistic view of the program state and more revealing metrics overall.

Check out how analyzing the right metrics enabled one client to focus on the KPIs that mattered.

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When you get the right metrics in place, you get the true story of how your CX really works on the front lines. If you’re interested to see your story too, get in touch here.