Spreading Joy this Holiday Season and Beyond

We’re nearly to the end of 2020.

Much has and will continue to be written about the months that now lay stretched behind us. My hope is that the lessons we carry forward will remind us of our connectedness and our ability to overcome anything, together.

With people at the heart of our business, we have been in awe of the seemingly endless stores of compassion, resilience and perseverance of our team members. What they’ve accomplished this year for our clients and their customers is remarkable. And I’ve been humbled to witness from afar the large and small ways they’ve been there for one other during times of uncertainty and grief, as well as in times of joy.

Finding new ways to connect

As with all things in 2020, this holiday season had to be different. We replaced our huge year-end bashes in each of our locations with small, socially distant or virtual events, care packages delivered to team member homes, and video “visits” from leaders.

We also shifted our focus for clients. Rather than selecting one nonprofit to support in their names, we reached out to each of them to find out which causes are meaningful for them. What we discovered was an amazing variety of organizations—global, regional and local—whose missions run the gamut from fighting childhood hunger and addressing healthcare disparities to increasing financial literacy and connecting small businesses with much-needed capital. Disaster relief, disease research, inclusion and economic opportunity are a few more themes that came to the fore.

We are grateful our business is strong in a year when that was anything but guaranteed.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of everyone at Ubiquity, in our client organizations and in these amazing nonprofits, we’re able to make this special season that much brighter.

Here’s to a New Year and to always finding ways to make the world work better.

Matt Nyren
President and CEO

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