Expert advice that’s hands-on

With a team that has decades of business transformation expertise/CX consulting within customer service, banking and healthcare, we can help your business prosper by making the changes you need.

We’ll help you:

  • Reduce servicing costs
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Manage risks
  • Stabilize as you scale
  • Support growth and profitability
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Building a better relationship throughout the customer journey

We understand the pitfalls that can occur at each point along the customer journey, especially with the multiple ways customers can interact with your brand.

We can help you increase brand loyalty and turn each customer interaction into a powerful customer service experience by using customer data the right way.

Channel strategy and optimization

It’s simple. Our business transformation process allows us to work closely with you to understand your customers, your competitors and your operations to create an omnichannel servicing approach that works best for your customers. How do you create Interactive Voice Response (IVR) experiences that are elegant, actually helpful and leave customers satisfied? Create a positive customer experience coupled with advanced technology solutions.

As a result:

  • Your customers get the information they need when and where they want it.
  • You get operational consistency and efficiency.
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Digitally enhancing customer experience

We use innovative tools to help you enhance the customer experience, offering cost-effective and time-saving solutions.

  • Our customizable IVR technology provides self-service data integrations, callback options and predictive applications that anticipate the reason for a call to lower costs per contact while keeping customers happy.
  • Our inTouch® app frees our managers from their desks so they stay better engaged with their teams. It provides customer feedback in real time so managers can quickly resolve issues, coach agents and track performance against your business goals.
  • Aigent, our artificial intelligence platform, listens to live calls and provides real-time guidance and course correction, reducing handling time while improving compliance and caller satisfaction. Your customers get what they need more quickly and effectively, saving you time and money.

Training and inspiring your team

We build training programs that teach customer service agents to become your brand ambassadors. What could be a dull training program becomes a vital and transformative learning environment.

You might find new hires performing a skit, composing a song or creating a video during training. High-energy engagement is critical to Ubiquity’s training ethos. By flipping the script and empowering new employees to train the trainer, Ubiquity shows new team members that they are valued and have a voice. Our goal is to not only help agents learn how to solve problems for your customers, but to empower them.

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Process audit and optimization

We can provide qualitative and quantitative studies to help improve your processes and mitigate risks. We’ll thoroughly review your process documents and training curricula to offer actionable insights to:

  • Streamline your processes
  • Reduce risks
  • Confirm what’s working
Ubiquity’s real-time data and analysis has been a tremendous asset and has really helped strengthen our relationships with our partners.
Eric Cotton EVP and General Manager, Central Payments