Get a better Return on Outsourcing

No matter how complex your business, we deliver world-class CX with every interaction. From customer care to technical support, sales and retention campaigns to sensitive loan and collection services, we put your customers first, using data and technology to drive faster, more personalized customer experiences.

Some outsourcers overestimate the power of digital and underestimate the power of their people. It takes an experienced partner to understand when and how to balance technology and the human touch to maximize customer experience, efficiency, and results. 

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How we’re different

Relationship-based OutsourcingTM

This is our pioneering methodology that guides every interaction with your customers.

Discerning SMEs make the difference

Dynamic implementation

Our contact teams go on a journey of learning and training to deliver world-class customer experience management. We provide an essentials curriculum for contact team leads that includes:

  • Individual career coaching
  • Smart action planning
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Leadership competencies and social styles
  • Coaching different types of learners

Our dynamic training immerses agents in your brand’s culture to quickly get up to speed. We use train-the-trainer and stop-and-sync training techniques to deepen agent understanding and improve customer interaction. And learning continues after training—contact teams continue strengthening their skills and expertise, quickly closing any knowledge or process gaps in your systems.

There’s no trade-off between deep training and time-to-value. We hire right the first time so performers hit the ground running and stick around for the long haul—so your CX is always in good shape.

Relationship-based outsourcing
World-class CX anywhere

A 360-degree, 24/7, data-driven approach

World-class CX anywhere

Ubiquity is well … ubiquitous—we make sure your customers can connect with your brand on any device, in any channel, and at a standard that exceeds expectations.

  • Ubiquitous delivery: Our contact center model provides uniform security, flexibility, and scalability to match your business demands, whether you need in-center, in-cloud, or a hybrid.
  • Engaged brand ambassadors: We immerse support teams in your brand culture (and plenty of SWAG). Coaching, incentives and interactive learning develop agents into proud brand advocates.
  • Extending the loop: The momentum doesn’t stop after setup. Everyone at every level finds ways to improve and invest in success. We keep driving more efficient processes and aim for the best customer experiences possible.
Turn problems into loyalty

Resolution acceleration

We believe tricky customer challenges can be great opportunities to build loyalty. Customers remember moments where world-class CX flips negatives into positives.

Our agents are armed with deep industry knowledge—across financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. That means they’re empowered to take the shortest route to high-value outcomes—even if that means going off-script. That’s the kind of world-class CX we help disruptors pioneer.

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What we do

All your CX services in one place

Customer care and retention

Technical support

Inbound and outbound sales

Payments and collections

Where we do it

We’re 100% multichannel

Global, multilingual call centers

Live and AI-enabled chat


In-app & SMS

Social media

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Everything we do is for our customers. Ubiquity’s expertise helped ensure that we launched with full confidence, not only in our mission-driven products and services but in the overall support infrastructure we built. Together, we’re delivering the next generation of banking.

Hussein Ahmed Founder and CEO

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.