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Our innovative technologies support customer service agents and deliver world-class customer experience management.

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We build customer experience technology to empower agents from our Innovation Lab based in Manila. We innovate to help challenger brands supercharge operations and deliver world-class customer experience management—saving you time and money.


Our customer experience management app connects supervisors and managers to their customer service agents to identify and solve issues in real time, provide coaching, monitor performance KPIs, and support teams in realizing their potential. With a built-in call recorder and audio player, it’s easier (and more cost-effective) to store, filter, and listen to calls within the app.

inTouch® is a comprehensive performance management platform that frees managers from their desks, so they can stay engaged with their teams. Receiving customer feedback in real time lets managers rapidly address issues, coach agents, and track performance against your business goals.

inCall IVR

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) CX technology solution is custom-designed to meet your business needs and KPIs. Agents get more context about a customer’s journey and intentions to determine the best outcome. This increases first call resolution, reduces operational costs, and streamlines information for more efficient service.

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Aigent was incubated at Ubiquity based on the realization that so much of the SaaS technology available for CX was off-the-shelf and focused only on the lowest common denominator needs of self-service—not for truly customized exceptional experiences. Now its own company, Aigent continues to evolve its AI technology platform to focus on better outcomes for agents and customers alike.

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Kelly Freeman
Director of Operations, CreditNinja

Ubiquity had the most amazing team we could have ever asked for. We absolutely consider every single one of your team as part of our Ninja family, and we would never have the success we have without Ubiquity.