Aigent AI guidance

The Aigent artificial intelligence technology platform supplies split-second responses and prompts that guide agents to quick call resolutions.

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Aigent AI guidance

Aigent artificial intelligence software listens to live calls and provides real-time guidance and course correction, reducing handling time while improving compliance and caller satisfaction. This helps callers get what they need more quickly and effectively, saving you time and money. Includes:

  • Speech recognition: Proprietary speech recognition models are trained using domain data and tailored to call-center environments.
  • Machine learning: Progressively improves the way it serves agents and provides critical insights regarding how agents are performing.
  • Agent interface: Serves as if it’s sitting next to the agent, intervening only when necessary to improve the speed, quality, or process compliance of a call.

Aigent benefits

The Aigent AI solution seamlessly integrates with existing telephony and CRM systems, actively listening to calls and helping agents perform their best in real-time. The AI technology platform features four core tools to help agents at the moment to make every interaction quicker, more informed, and compliant.

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Real-time coach

Nesting never really ends with Aigent supplying the most pertinent advice, guidance, and information as soon as an agent needs it—translating to faster and more accurate resolutions and more satisfied customers.

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Process genie

Complex programs, terms or features are no match for Aigent. The unlimited, cloud-based scenario library and built-in knowledge database can instantaneously sift through dozens or even hundreds of options. That means agents of any experience level can support myriad programs or unique brands as if each one were their specialty.

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Call monitor

Detecting trigger words and sentiments likely to lead to complaints, the AI technology platform immediately provides tips for disarming the situation or routing the call to the appropriate team before it’s too late.

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Transcription IQ

Data analytics just got easier. Automatic call transcription into a searchable database (without sensitive data) makes quality assurance and compliance audits much more efficient, accurate, and actionable.

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Ray Iglesias
CEO, Aigent

“Companies have begun to recognize that AI provides a unique opportunity to truly understand customer preferences through data capture and to deliver the best interactions at the right time. The power of AI is that it creates greater efficiencies while also meeting or exceeding compliance requirements. AI is the catalyst that will build deeper relationships with customers. At stake is an opportunity to create a prime differentiator in the race to build customer loyalty.”