Why wooing Gen Z helps banks gain more customers of all ages

Banking for tweens, teens and 20-somethings (68 million consumers) is a far cry from how their parents started out using financial services. It’s all about the smartphone.

But aside from mobile banking features, what else does Gen Z need and want from a bank? And why should banks care?

Globally, Gen Z is the largest generation since baby boomers, and they are digital natives. That means banks and fintechs who want their business need a fresh approach to customer experience. The good news: That approach will help financial services providers win and retain more customers across the board.


Gen Z by the numbers


of Gen Z consumers use social media to inform their purchase decisions


of Gen Z digital banking interactions are on smartphones


of Gen Z would drop a company after one instance of poor customer service

Learn more about this burgeoning generation of consumers and how you can create better digital banking CX for them.

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