Remote Work Is Here for the Present, and Future of Customer Support

Over the past few years, the trend of remote working has seen a steady increase. In fact, according to the 2019 State of Remote Work Report, millions of people each year work from home at least occasionally, with nearly half of U.S. workers polled reporting they work from home at least once a week.

Beyond business continuity, work-from-home customer service solutions may become the new normal. It opens a business’ talent pool, recruiting without geographic limitations, and ensuring the best agents for your needs and budget. And, it allows for flexibility and speed, ramping up and down quickly to meet the demands of your business unlike ever before.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Ubiquity has worked hard, in conjunction with our clients, to shift our traditional workforce to remote access. As a hallmark of our business, we’ve remained nimble during these challenging times. We have been able to quickly move resources to support our clients better and ensure the safety and security of our team. We’re excited about the opportunity to resume operations in our centers but realize the many benefits a quality-designed, work-from-home solution can bring to a brand, either as a component of an overall program or the main method of service delivery.

Speaking of quality, security is paramount to the success of a remote-work program, and we’ve implemented a variety of best-in-class security and technology measures to ensure safe, consistent operations, including:

  • Network and access security measures, including encryption, multifactor authentication (MFA), firewalls, virus detection, and ongoing compliance checks
  • Screen and webcam monitoring to ensure safety and security and provide detailed access to recordings of calls and interactions
  • A 100% virtual onboarding, training and management system allows our team to stay in touch, continue learning, and track KPIs and performance along the way

During times of crisis and uncertainty, Ubiquity is here to help. Our team is primed and ready to make quick adjustments to ensure that your customer experience operations remain secure and reliable.

Learn more about how Ubiquity is ready to serve your business with our work-from-home service team that can provide secure, reliable customer support.

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