The opportunity for challenger brands is now

Many established financial service brands are paralyzed by tradition, red tape, and convoluted processes. It’s the leaner, up-and-coming challenger brands who realize that world-class CX is the only way to win (and keep) customers.

As an industry with one of the highest churn rates and most troubled NPS track records, fintech brands that can deliver real value to their customers will stand out.

Transforming customer experiences for financial services

Applying the right service approach to the right channels gets customers on your side. Backed by a wealth of supportive agent technologies and innovations in analytics and automation, you can keep customers coming back. What’s more, as industry experts, we have a deep understanding of de-risking complex change in a highly regulated environment. We have decades of experience in navigating financial legislation, compliance standards, and the ever-evolving customer expectations.


Boost in Net Promoter Score


in operational efficiency through lower costs and increased productivity


First call resolution


Recovered from fraud ring activity in 4 months


Compliance rates for error resolution


Chargeback win rate

Serve and scale

Fintech brands should seize the moment and invest in better CX to scale their business. Want to know how?

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What we do

Customer experience

Expert customer support and omnichannel services to deliver world-class CX for any brand, anywhere.

  • Global, multilingual call centers
  • Live and AI-enabled chat
  • Email
  • SMS text
  • Social media
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Customer care, technical support, inbound and outbound sales, and retention
Businesswomen working in modern office

Banking Operations

Regulatory and network compliance combined with expert customer service management for fraud, disputes, chargebacks, and more.

  • Manual IDV/KYC
  • OFAC/watchlist screening
  • Disputes and chargeback management
  • Negative balance management
  • Fraud review/investigation
  • Card blocking/unblocking
  • SARs data preparation
  • Correspondence/returned cards
  • Regulatory remediation
the role of agents in customer experience

Lending Services

  • Loan origination and processing
  • Loan underwriting
  • Loan closing and funding
  • Post closing and due-diligence
  • Loan servicing
  • Collections

Asset Management & Brokerage Services

  • Account setup and maintenance
  • Broker and advisor support services
  • Customer service
  • Transfer agency related processing
  • Portfolio administration investment research
better customer experiences for fintech

Investment Banking

  • Pitch books, company profiles, and financial analysis
  • Financial models, forecasts, and updates
  • Research reports preparation and authoring
  • Business intelligence and analysis
Businesswomen working in modern office the role of agents in customer experience better customer experiences for fintech

The latest in innovative fintech

We have wildly different and diverse clients. There’s nothing standard about servicing them, yet we’ve challenged Ubiquity to help us deliver the best service we can, efficiently.

Eric Cotton EVP and General Manager, Central Payments

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.