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Choose business process outsourcing (BPO) services that enable your finserv brand to grow with confidence.

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Comprehensive fintech BPO solutions

Many established financial service brands are paralyzed by routine, red tape, and convoluted processes. It’s the leaner, up-and-coming challenger brands who realize that world-class CX is the only way to win customer loyalty.

In an industry with one of the highest customer churn rates and most troubled NPS track records, fintech brands that deliver real value to their customers stand out.

Serve and scale fearlessly

Fintech brands should seize the moment and invest in better CX to scale their business. Want to know how?

Transforming customer experiences in financial services

Applying the right service approach to the right channels gets customers on your side. Backed by a wealth of supportive agent technologies and innovations in analytics and automation, you can keep customers coming back. What’s more, as industry experts, we have a deep understanding of de-risking complex change in a highly regulated environment. We have decades of experience in navigating financial legislation, compliance standards, and ever-evolving customer expectations.

Find more transformational value in our CX Bible.

Boost in Net Promoter Score


Boost in Net Promoter Score
n operational efficiency through lower..


in operational efficiency through lower costs and increased productivity
First call resolution


First call resolution
Recovered from fraud ring...


Recovered from fraud ring activity in 4 months
Compliance rates for error resolution


Compliance rates for error resolution
Chargeback win rate


Chargeback win rate
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What we do for fintech

Customer experience

Fraud, risk, & compliance

Lending services

Asset management & brokerage services

Investment banking

We provide outstanding fintech BPO for challenger and established brands alike. With expert customer support and omnichannel services, we deliver world-class customer experiences for any brand, anywhere.

  • Global, multilingual call centers
  • Live and AI-enabled chat
  • Email
  • SMS text
  • Social media
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Customer care, technical support, inbound and outbound sales,
    and retention

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Outsource regulatory and network compliance combined with expert customer service management for fraud, disputes, chargebacks, and more.

  • Manual IDV/KYC
  • OFAC/watchlist screening
  • Disputes and chargeback management
  • Negative balance management
  • Fraud review/investigation
  • Card blocking/unblocking
  • SARs data preparation
  • Correspondence/returned cards
  • Regulatory remediation
  • Loan origination and processing
  • Loan underwriting
  • Loan closing and funding
  • Post closing and due-diligence
  • Loan servicing
  • Collections
  • Account setup and maintenance
  • Broker and advisor support services
  • Customer service
  • Transfer agency related processing
  • Portfolio administration investment research
  • Pitch books, company profiles, and financial analysis
  • Financial models, forecasts, and updates
  • Research reports preparation and authoring
  • Business intelligence and analysis

The Choice for fintech disruptors

Ubiquity is recognized as the #1 CX provider for fintech disruptors, supporting 200+ brands. Why do innovators trust us with their brands and their customers? Rather than a discrete suite of services with fixed parameters, Ubiquity was built for the agility and customization that fintech partners need to Scale Fearlessly.

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BMTX, one of the largest digital banking platforms and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) providers in the U.S., unlocks the loyalty-building power of hyper-responsiveness without breaking the bank on servicing costs.

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Oxygen entrusted Ubiquity with the critical task of mapping the customer journey, then developing and implementing the processes, policies, and training to engender brand-building loyalty.

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As the U.K.’s fast-growing financial super app, Curve needed more resources across customer service, identity verification, dispute resolution, and fraud prevention to accommodate their expanding customer base and to support their upcoming U.S. launch.

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Poynt, GoDaddy’s payments terminal provider, wanted to enhance the merchant and reseller experience while reducing time spent on technical support calls. Learn how Ubiquity’s data analytics fueled training and call routing enhancements to dramatically increase first-call resolution and customer satisfaction.

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Warren Taylor
Cofounder, Chief Customer Officer, BMTX

“This is not easy. If it were, the average bank’s NPS would be 68, not 34. It’s based upon Ubiquity’s hard work, input, learning, and passion that has gotten us to this point. We could not reach a 67.5 NPS without Ubiquity.”

Our Fear-Free Guarantee

Ubiquity offers measurable savings over managing your CX services in-house and even helps to lower operating costs of work already being outsourced. Our proven approach helps brands Scale Fearlessly and receive a return on outsourcing (RoO).