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Discover a retail BPO services partner that builds relationships across all channels.

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Comprehensive e-commerce outsourcing for streamlined operations

Choose the experts in retail BPO. With nearly a decade of experience helping challenger retail brands and e-commerce disruptors outsource customer service, we know the challenges that the new era of online shopping brings. Digital-savvy shoppers have constantly changing expectations for brands—and it’s all got to be fast, simple, high-quality, and flexible.

The retail BPO that puts relationships back into the e-commerce equation

At Ubiquity we believe that the human touch needs to be in the CX loop. Digital touchpoints and underlying technologies are great at providing speed, simplifying choice and giving customers ways to connect with your brand without much effort. But what if there’s a deeper problem that needs more personal attention?

We work with you to embed your brand culture into our contact centers and turn problems and challenges in the customer journey into opportunities for positive interaction and lasting loyalty.

Live Chat


Live chat customer satisfaction for an online shoe and fashion retailer
Lower processing


Lower processing costs for an online food-ordering startup
Faster email


Faster email response time—five days to 24 hours for an e-commerce powerhouse
Reduction in live chat


Reduction in live chat response time for footwear retail site
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Channel better relationships

Give customers the service they want, the way they want it. You need an omnichannel strategy to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our whitepaper gives you more…

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What we do for Retail & E-commerce

Customer experience

Back Office

Commerce Risk Operations

Business Transformation

Omnichannel customer support that delivers brand-defining CX for ambitious startups and international heavyweights.

  • Global, multilingual call centers
  • Live and AI-enabled chat
  • Email
  • SMS text
  • Social media
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Customer care, technical support, inbound and outbound sales and retention

Our expertise and resources shrink operating costs, increase service levels, reduce error rates, and free you up to focus on growth.

  • Data annotation and management
  • Customer analytics
  • Returns processing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Content moderation
  • Customer research
  • Competitive assessments
  • IT staff augmentation
  • Recruitment process outsourcing

We help protect your business from fraud while managing complex administrative and network requirements for

  • Chargeback management
  • Fraud investigation
  • Business due diligence/merchant/seller onboarding

Our experienced SMEs offer actionable insights to optimize the customer journey and improve business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Customer journey mapping and optimization
  • Market entry strategy, balancing portfolio investments
  • Consumer and market insights, innovation strategies
  • Power brand strategy, marketing spends optimization
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Jason Shepard
Director of Operations, ConverseNow

“The team at Ubiquity has been extremely diligent in ensuring that agents are trained to work alongside AI Virtual Assistants to drive key business metrics such as increasing sales, boosting average order value and enhancing end customer experience. Ubiquity will continue to be a valuable partner for us as we expand our business.”

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