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Competition among utility suppliers has never been higher.

Prices are fluctuating as much as service performance. And whenever customers are presented with more options, exceptional customer service stands out. Many customers prefer a utility company that provides a more satisfying customer experience over one whose similar offer is less expensive. In effect, they are willing to “pay a premium” for better service.

And it almost goes without saying … you never get a second chance to make a first impression. All it takes is one bad customer service experience, and you could lose a customer forever. In fact, 61% of customers say they’d switch to a competitor after one bad experience.

Green energy makes its case

CleanChoice Energy, a cleantech company, wanted to move away from an existing CX partnership that wasn’t bringing the expected sales opportunities, strategic thinking, or effort required of a fast-growing energy provider. They looked to Ubiquity as a challenger to help identify, develop, and drive efficiencies and increase sales KPIs.

After deep dives with CleanChoice field agents, Ubiquity revamped the sales strategy and talking points, increasing conversions nearly 5% in the first month. Ubiquity auditors also resolved a process issue that was creating bottlenecks in the queue, especially during peak volumes.

Conversion rate


Conversion rate
Doubled the size


Doubled the size of the sales force in 3 months
Reduction in Average


Reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT)
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What we do for Utilities

Meter operations and billing

Customer billing, receivables and collections management, reconciliation, bill disputes, and client queries.

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Sales management

Campaign management, account and contact management, and integrated sales planning and analysis.

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Supply chain and distribution management

Order provisioning and management, technical support helpdesk, and procurement support services.

Customer service management

Service order management, complaints and requests management, and account and contract management.

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Kristen McCarthy
Executive Director for Sales CleanChoice Energy

“When I think about the good things that happened in the last few years, Ubiquity is clearly at the top of my list. We really appreciate Ubiquity’s commitment to delivering world-class results, their flexibility, and their ability to adapt to our always-changing needs.”

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