Turn retail contact center expertise into your biggest advantage

Great ecommerce experiences balance the human touch with seamless tech. They simplify choice. They pair consumers with the products they care about most in the channels that suit them best…

…and they flip customer problems into opportunities to improve engagement and loyalty. If that sounds like something you need, you’re in the right place.

Add CX tools to your retail call center

There’s a bunch of moves you can orchestrate for stronger customer loyalty. Here’s what we can add to your retail call center services:

  • Expert customer support and omnichannel services for world-class CX for any brand, any size, anywhere—IVR, email, live chat, SMS, social media, and more.
  • Shrink operating costs through back office support, with support for returns processing, accounting and finance, and content moderation.
  • De-risk complex change and reduce fraud across your operation by managing your administrative and network requirements

Real-world business results

We’re developing more ways for retail call center outsourcing to foster loyalty and engagement at scale. A few outcomes we’ve unlocked for customers include:

  • 91% live chat customer satisfaction for an online shoe and fashion retailer
  • 50% lower processing costs for an online food-ordering scaleup
  • 80% faster email response time—from five days to 24 hours—for an e-commerce powerhouse

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What our customers say

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“Partnering with Ubiquity has helped our e-commerce business expand support hours and channels while also improving the customer experience, which is especially critical during our peak shopping periods. We appreciate Ubiquity’s commitment to driving better results using data and personalized staff development.”

Tim Greenstein

General Manager - Supply Chain & Technology, Accent Group Limited

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“The team at Ubiquity has been extremely diligent in ensuring that agents are trained to work alongside AI Virtual Assistants to drive key business metrics such as increasing sales, boosting average order value and enhancing end customer experience. Ubiquity will continue to be a valuable partner for us as we expand our business.”

Jason Shepard

Director of Operations, ConverseNow