I founded Ubiquity to fundamentally change the way customer care is delivered. Our approach is one of partnership and customization. We implement strategies that help our clients drive business goals.

Matt Nyren President and CEO of Ubiquity
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From call center to a global company

We literally built the business on excellent customer care.

We know the business inside and out because we’ve grown up in it.

Half of our leadership team worked as call center agents. Our CEO started in a call center as a college student in Nebraska, working his way up to center director before graduating.

This firsthand knowledge helps us motivate our team. And it’s the bedrock of a welcoming, affirming and authentic culture of collaboration and open communication. We bond through events, community service and friendly competitions. And we recognize and reward long-term employees for their dedication: After hitting their three-year milestone, team members become eligible to participate in a profit-sharing program.

At Ubiquity, our employees are family.

Our people and leadership

We make the world work better.

Tackling today’s challenges is critical, but seizing tomorrow’s opportunities is how successful brands stand apart.

We believe the customer care is as important to a brand’s success as operational efficiency, so we dig deep to understand your goals—beyond traditional key performance indicators—and devise a strategic plan to surpass them.

Our team leaders are good coaches and mentors. Instead of sitting behind desks, our leaders walk the floor and meet one on one with their team members, coaching and developing their agents based on real-time data sent straight to their tablets. As a result, we deliver better staff retention, higher employee satisfaction and ultimately a better customer experience compared with our competitors.

“I founded Ubiquity to fundamentally change the way customer care is delivered,” says Matt Nyren, President and CEO. “Our approach is one of partnership and customization. We implement strategies that help our clients drive business goals.

“We combine experience, passion and hustle to ensure every interaction cultivates success for our clients today and in the future.”

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We help our clients work smarter

From customer servicing to risk and compliance, our team is dedicated to delivering solutions.

Ways we help our clients:

  • We learn your business inside and out—not just as a partner, but as an extension of your team.
  • We bring scale, speed, expertise and accountability, without layers.
  • Our teams are purpose-built to deliver a refined program and experiences that drive results. Period.
  • We’re global, and still right around the corner. When you need us, we’re there. Literally.
  • We have built a culture in which employees are valued, listened to, recognized and financially rewarded for the integral role they play. And that translates to meaningful success for our clients.
  • We build future-proofing technologies in our Amsterdam Innovation Lab because we know leading in customer experience demands it.
  • We sweat the small stuff, 24/7/365. Every person, every role: We care about our clients’ brands and representing them well.

“We’re not your typical BPO,” Nyren says. “We take a more consultative approach, immersing ourselves in our client organizations to ensure we understand the most important business drivers for success—beyond traditional KPIs.”

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of our staff have more than two years of related experience.


of our staff are promoted from within.

Our locations

Headquartered in New York, Ubiquity has offices in the U.S., Central America, Asia and Europe. We plan to open additional centers in Latin America and Asia.

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