Scale administrative outsourcing quickly to support your growth

Guaranteed “always on” office services teams scale up and down

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Mundane, repetitive tasks steal time from your staff’s key responsibilities.

Create a more focused team by taking those tasks off their “to-do” lists and onto ours. We specialize in comprehensive back-office support that can occur in our “our time,” separate from your team’s most productive hours. Office administration outsourcing services allow you to prioritize day-to-day activities aligned with your most immediate business goals.

The Benefits

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Quality & accuracy

Ubiquity provides educated, capable staff that perform common or specialized tasks efficiently and correctly the first time.

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Expediency behind the scenes

Send documents as you leave for the day, and our overnight team (daytime in the Philippines) will have your reports ready first thing the next morning.

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Streamlined office functions

Boost profitability across the board with General Administration, Accounts Payable, Team Management, and common Office Manager Tasks.

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Cost-effective scalability

Scale administrative resources up or down while keeping your records up to date, controlling your labor costs, and saving budget on office overhead.

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Transformed operations

With support documents, figures, and forms completed behind the scenes, you’ll have more time to plan and execute productive meetings with confidence.

Eric Cotton
EVP and General Manager, Central Payments
“We have wildly different and diverse clients. There’s nothing standard about servicing them, yet we’ve challenged Ubiquity to help us deliver the best service we can, efficiently.”

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