Helping safeguard your business

All of our team members undergo specialized compliance and data security training and testing in financial services to help safeguard your business.

We help protect your business from fraud while managing the complex administrative and regulatory requirements concerning error resolution and identity verification. Thanks to rigorous financial services training, quality assurance and testing, our staff can stay ahead of the curve to manage complex operations.

Disputes and chargebacks

Dispute and chargeback management is a complicated process that demands expert management, especially during peak seasons including holiday shopping, tax time and back-to-school. We offer:

Specialized knowledge

  • Subject matter experts on the executive team and on operations
  • Executives invited to present at closed-door session of FDIC examiners

Actionable data

  • Comprehensive quality assurance data delivered to operations for immediate coaching

Customized technology

  • Automated workflows built for dispute and chargeback management optimize efficiency and improve compliance
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of Risk Team Leads have 2+ years experience


Chargeback win rate

Fast growth requires a scalable solution

Discover how Ubiquity helped one fintech unicorn revamp their dispute and chargeback operations to drive KPIs and scalability amid volume surge and pandemic.

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Fraud mitigation and investigation

Our specially trained team can work with your fraud-prevention technology tools, including machine learning-based Sift Science, to help protect your card program or digital wallet. Our fraud investigations include:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Blocking or unblocking accounts
  • Outbound calls to verify transactions

Bank disputes: Force-post chargebacks

Investigating and determining recovery options for accounts with negative balances

Regulatory remediation

Work with financial service institutions to address requirements from regulators, such as revising error resolution claims, determining if mistakes were made and correcting them as needed

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Manual identity verification

  • Manual review of consumer-provided identification documents
  • Manual review of OFAC and other watchlist potential matches of “hits” identified by your OFAC or watchlist screening vendors
  • Investigation of each potential match to determine if the “hit” is a false or true positive

Client due diligence

  • Request necessary onboarding and due diligence documentation for new partners
  • Review the collected documentation and consult additional sources as needed to confirm that all documentation and information is accurate and meets specified requirements
  • Perform additional reviews such as website conformity checks and enhanced due diligence
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Every $1 of fraud costs financial institutions $3.64—more than three times the actual loss itself.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions True Cost of Fraud Study (October 2020)