Webinar: Winning in Digital Banking with Better Customer Service

COVID-19 accelerated consumer adoption of digital banking, demanding that legacy banks speed up their digital transformations and giving digital banking challengers an opening to gain market share with their agility and unrelenting focus on CX.

Digital banking and CX experts come together to share lessons from the pandemic and how best to compete going forward.

The global pandemic has accelerated the shift to a digital-first banking, and creating a seamless customer experience has become even more important for bankers of all types.

In this webinar, we explore the biggest lessons challengers and legacy banks need to keep top of mind when it comes to delivering superior customer support and great CX. Experts weigh in on:

  • How to make customer experience robust, efficient and valuable
  • What strengths legacy banks bring to this challenge
  • The advantages digital-first banks have, and
  • Where you need to be investing to gain and retain customers

Click on the video above to watch the webinar.

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