How fintechs can leverage outsourced customer support for more than cost savings

…To Sagar Rajgopal, co-founder and COO of Ubiquity, outsourcing isn’t just about arbitrage: It’s about knowledge consolidation and the provision of streamlined solutions, especially in highly complex, compliance-driven environments. Ubiquity, a customer experience outsourcing provider, sees its place in fintech and financial services landscapes as a knowledge-capital platform for fledgling startups focused on growth and […]

Ubiquity hosts festive Cagayan de Oro Site Launch celebration

…Ubiquity opens new office in the Philippines, starts filling 700+ seats at launch Ubiquity celebrated the opening of its newest office in the Philippines in Cagayan de Oro to meet the needs of its rapidly growing roster of clients. The office was already filling up with over 700 hires ahead of the official office ribbon-cutting […]

How challenger brands can get long-term value from great CX

…Brands that deliver good customer experiences (CX) can boost their annual recurring revenue by 300% over three years. Some CX teams might take “good” to mean “fast”—mistaking speed for customer-centricity. So, they set ambitious metrics, believing that quick resolutions (and lots of them) will bring the brand closer to its goals.  But it only results […]

How CX builds customer loyalty and lifetime value in e-commerce

…As businesses move to new models of commerce, customer experience (CX) needs to keep pace. After all, new modes of commerce mean new potential to fall short of expectations. If your subscription business isn’t sending goods out on time, your customers will be unhappy. Equally, these new models present new opportunities to cultivate loyalty and […]

Empathy in telehealth support services: how to cultivate the unteachable (part 2 of 2)

…Telehealth visits are up 3,000% on their pre-pandemic levels, according to McKinsey & Company. Added to this is the emergence of outcome-based models of care and a meteoric rise in customer expectations. The result? Telehealth support providers find themselves an increasingly vital link in a high-pressure service chain that needs to deliver empathetic service, at […]

Empathy in telehealth support services: how to cultivate the unteachable (part 1 of 2)

…Telehealth visits are up an incredible 3,800% compared to pre-pandemic levels, according to McKinsey & Company. While great for business growth, this deluge also exposes where certain telehealth support providers are falling short on patient experience. As value-based models of care continue to replace the outdated “transactional consultation” approach, meeting patient expectations increasingly requires empathetic […]

Transform high turnover into employee (and customer) retention

…As CX becomes an ever-more potent market differentiator, it pays to look at your approach in detail to understand how industry leaders keep better people, longer. And how that creates a better customer experience.  In this three-part blog series, we’re shining the spotlight on a vital part of this process: onboarding. Onboarding shapes the way […]

Authority Magazine: 5 Things You Need to Succeed in the Modern World of Finance & Fintech

…As part of his series for Authority Magazine, Jason Hartman interviewed Ubiquity co-founder and CEO Matt Nyren about “How to Navigate and Succeed in the Modern World of Finance”. Matt founded Ubiquity in 2012 and served as its president during the company’s first four years of expansion before assuming CEO responsibilities in January 2017. Matt […]

Double down on CX to fight ‘skimpflation’ and save your business from the Great Resignation

…As other businesses face the current climate by slashing quality, it’s those that prioritize the customer experience—putting long-term strategy and loyalty above short-term resilience—that will come out on top.  Prices are up across the globe. In cases where customers are paying the same as they did before, they’re usually receiving less in return. And it’s […]

How to strike the right balance between AI and live CX agents

…Whether we’re talking about digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning (ML), tech has become the great enabler for enterprises everywhere. At its best, technology allows us to maximize the parts of our jobs that excite and challenge us, and reduce or eliminate the tasks that bore us. But when it comes to customer-facing […]