Transform high turnover into employee (and customer) retention

…As CX becomes an ever-more potent market differentiator, it pays to look at your approach in detail to understand how industry leaders keep better people, longer. And how that creates a better customer experience.  In this three-part blog series, we’re shining the spotlight on a vital part of this process: onboarding. Onboarding shapes the way […]

Double down on CX to fight ‘skimpflation’ and save your business from the Great Resignation

…As other businesses face the current climate by slashing quality, it’s those that prioritize the customer experience—putting long-term strategy and loyalty above short-term resilience—that will come out on top.  Prices are up across the globe. In cases where customers are paying the same as they did before, they’re usually receiving less in return. And it’s […]

CX Innovators: Why Propel’s most important KPI is trust

…For Propel, building trust is more important for exceptional customer experience than average handle time or encouraging customers to self-serve. In fact, the company wants customers to call. That’s because customer conversations give Propel an opportunity to deliver the type of customer experiences that foster lasting relationships while also gleaning invaluable customer insights. On the […]

Why digital banks need a human heart to deliver great customer experiences

…COVID-19 placed huge barriers between banks and their customers. With facetime virtually nonexistent, there was little time to nurture trust in person. This effect was magnified by the financial difficulties millions of consumers faced during lockdown—which meant banks were holding difficult conversations without as many opportunities to offer small but powerful displays of empathy. For […]

Ubiquity celebrates 10th Anniversary!

…In its first decade, Ubiquity has experienced exceptional growth, expanding from a small staff in a single office to a multinational operation with nearly 7,000 employees in 10 offices across four continents. Ubiquity actively supports more than 200 brands, and the company expects to employ 10,000 employees by the end of 2022. “This 10th anniversary […]

6 Proven Strategies for Virtual Training & Onboarding

…Ubiquity’s SVP of Learning Services offers insight into how customer service operations can adapt onboarding and training to a virtual environment.  By Megan Porter, Ubiquity  Moving existing customer service agents to a work-from-home environment is one thing. Onboarding and training new agents virtually is something else entirely.  With many new clients opting for Ubiquity at […]

Why great customer experience marries technology and culture

…How to balance culture and tech for CX excellence By Tanya Clark, Ubiquity The average turnover rate in U.S. contact centers is 30-45%1. And it’s no wonder. BPO call centers are usually seen as a stopgap rather than a serious career path—as places that chase aggressive CX metrics with a revolving door of burned-out staff. […]

Why fintechs stand to win more customers with BPOs that nurture agents

…By Megan Porter, Ubiquity It’s a strange time to be an ambitious fintech. Brick-and-mortar institutions are racing to update their legacy practices to keep up with their customers’ demands. Meanwhile newer fintechs face a different, arguably tougher (but way more exciting) challenge: redefining customer expectations. Think about the change we’ve already seen. Comprehensive banking services […]

Why BPO culture defines exceptional customer experiences

…5 traits of growth-oriented BPO culture (and why they matter) By Matthew Agronin, Ubiquity Successful challenger brands run a two-legged gauntlet. Part One: Reposition what’s possible in your corner of the market. Part Two: Own that corner. After all, the goal isn’t to stay a perpetual challenger—it’s to become a leader. And that applies to […]

The role of BPO agents in exceptional customer experiences

…4 ways advanced customer service agents deliver better customer experiences By Tanya Clark, Ubiquity For many of established companies, finding and choosing a business processing outsourcer (BPO) is a chore. Much of the market looks uninspiring and undifferentiated—competing in a race to the bottom instead of quality—offering only service agents that recite scripts to churn […]