How fintechs can leverage outsourced customer support for more than cost savings

…To Sagar Rajgopal, co-founder and COO of Ubiquity, outsourcing isn’t just about arbitrage: It’s about knowledge consolidation and the provision of streamlined solutions, especially in highly complex, compliance-driven environments. Ubiquity, a customer experience outsourcing provider, sees its place in fintech and financial services landscapes as a knowledge-capital platform for fledgling startups focused on growth and […]

Ubiquity hosts festive Cagayan de Oro Site Launch celebration

…Ubiquity opens new office in the Philippines, starts filling 700+ seats at launch Ubiquity celebrated the opening of its newest office in the Philippines in Cagayan de Oro to meet the needs of its rapidly growing roster of clients. The office was already filling up with over 700 hires ahead of the official office ribbon-cutting […]

Authority Magazine: 5 Things You Need to Succeed in the Modern World of Finance & Fintech

…As part of his series for Authority Magazine, Jason Hartman interviewed Ubiquity co-founder and CEO Matt Nyren about “How to Navigate and Succeed in the Modern World of Finance”. Matt founded Ubiquity in 2012 and served as its president during the company’s first four years of expansion before assuming CEO responsibilities in January 2017. Matt […]

Transfer your digital experiences into physical spaces and reap 3 key benefits

…Seventy-seven percent of customer experience (CX) professionals say that their customers’ expectations have shifted towards digital-first experiences (DX).[1] This is great news for digital challenger brands and fintech disruptors—we’ve written before about how, for example, more customers are making a digital bank their primary bank. But if you’re a challenger brand doing most of your […]

What embedded transactions can teach you about CX

…Only 1 in 10 Americans has heard of embedded transactions, yet more than 40% of consumers use some of the most popular providers—Apple Pay and Google Pay to name just two.[1] That these experiences are so ubiquitous yet invisible to consumers speaks to how well they work. These are transactions that occur automatically using details […]

Customer data and CX: 3 tips for challenging the status quo

…Eighty-six percent of online shoppers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience (CX).[1] Once, this might have only meant with their money. Now it can mean exchanging something equally precious—their data. And customers are more aware of their data’s value than ever. They’ve seen how much they stand to gain when brands […]

How Startups Can Leverage CX to Accelerate Growth

…Addressing customer experiences early on pays dividends as startups ramp up Venture capital fundraising has reached heights this year. In the second quarter of 2021, venture funds poured $75 billion into U.S. startups. Fintechs and proptechs, which pulled in a record $9.7 billion in the first half, have seen funding activity soar. Flush with capital, […]

The 5 core ingredients for growing customer service delivery

…The secret to growth-oriented customer service outsourcing Let’s get this out of the way. Customer service doesn’t always have a great reputation. You’re forgiven to think this. Everyone’s been on the receiving end of customer service that doesn’t hit the mark. Customer service departments (usually a contact center) experience many growing pains to improve customer […]

3 ways technology is helping retailers boost loyalty

…The retail industry was deep into an omnichannel revolution when COVID-19 entered the picture to drive 10 years of growth in six weeks.1 Customers quickly responded to the changing environment by changing shopping behaviors — leaving retailers to decode the new landscape of loyalty. The biggest change so far? The dominant role technology plays in not […]

Why great customer experience marries technology and culture

…How to balance culture and tech for CX excellence By Tanya Clark, Ubiquity The average turnover rate in U.S. contact centers is 30-45%1. And it’s no wonder. BPO call centers are usually seen as a stopgap rather than a serious career path—as places that chase aggressive CX metrics with a revolving door of burned-out staff. […]